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Pope Fabian was Beheaded for Opposing Passport Certificates, Now Bishops Embrace Them

FBN Newswire
September 15th, 2021

BERN, Switzerland - (FBN) Despite thousands of deaths and millions of life-altering injuries caused by gene-mutating RNA Covid 'vaccines,' Catholic bishops in Switzerland not only endorse them, they are now embracing and promoting the use of vaccine passports that prove you've been injected.

The bishops have fallen in line with a government decree which bans Christians from congregating in groups of 50 or more without the Covid certificate, or passport. They are banned from entering the church without it.

And in their zeal to achieve a state of total apostasy, the Swiss Conference of Bishops (SCB) even issued a joint statement with the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland (ERCS) in support of the government edicts.

The actions are in sharp contrast to the events of 1,770 years ago and just 200-miles away from Bern, Switzerland, where a pope was beheaded and martyred in Rome.

His name was Pope Fabian and then, as now, all were require to carry a special certificate and produce it on demand by authorities. It was called a 'libellus,' you know it today as a vaccine passport. And to get one you had to certify performance of required pagan sacrifices in order to demonstrate loyalty to the authorities of the Roman Empire. Your sacrifice would be witnessed and notarized by a Roman magistrate.

Pope Fabian refused and Emperor Decius ordered him to be beheaded in 250 A.D.

Participating in pagan sacrifices was a sin for Christians and punished by excommunication, because the New Testament forbade Christians to participate in "idol feasts". However, not participating made one liable to arrest by the Roman authorities. Also then, as now, there was a bustling trade in fake certificates.

The Swiss bishops are not only complying with this sin they're actually groveling and thanking their secular masters for the privilege of being able to worship God under certain conditions: “The national churches are grateful to the Federal Council for considering access to church services and other religious events to be important and for requiring a certificate only for 50 or more people,” read the statement. The SCB and ERCS added that they “consider it their duty to be able to continue to hold safe church services that are open to all people. They will do their utmost to avoid contamination of participants in these services.”