Of Omicron and Kabbalah Wizards: How a NYT Op-Ed Reveals Their Next Trick

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November 28th, 2021

New York (FBN) - When the (self) chosen oligarchs want a narrative and agenda set and worked one of their favorite propaganda outlets is the New York Times.

This is the 'paper of record' that all of the other centrally-controlled media outlets take their cue from and from which stories are decided on at morning meetings at studios and editor's offices around the country and around the world - the NYT is their fount of strategic vision.

Some of these narratives and oligarchic strategic visions are easier to express to the public than others. Some require a certain amount of nuance and have to be rolled out slowly over time lest the public bolt and panic, causing needless confusion. And one of the ways the NYT accomplishes this task is through the use of limited hangouts on its Op-Ed pages - it's a tool that can be used to lay out a narrative without attributing it to the oligarchs directly - and the fast-paced introduction of 'Omicron' is a perfect example of how it's employed.

It's usually written by someone you never heard of, an unusual but not off-putting name connected to an image of a person of unclear lineage and race. For Omicron, the NYT chose Zeynep Tufekci, a non-threatening (tanned?) middle-aged woman. If shown the article that has her name attached to it I very much doubt she would recognize it, much less understand the majority of the words written within it. But it's not the avatar that the NYT has attached to the article that's important or relevant here.

The Op-Ed, perhaps borrowing the services of the headline writer at the New York Post, is ominously titled, Omicron Is Coming. The U.S. Must Act Now.

Right away we're introduced to the fear porn sales model that the NYT kabbalah wizards are famous for and that serves as the anchor for their propaganda (remember Judith Miller and Saddam's WMD's?). And, predictably, the Op-Ed serves as a vehicle to rehash and electrify 98% of the current Frankenstein narratives we've all heard before and have grown tired of.

But every aspect of the Covid scam serves the purpose of driving a larger goal to conclusion and Omicron doesn't disappoint. The Tufekci entity reveals to us deep within the article what is likely to be the next phase of military-grade propaganda:

"We need stricter testing regimes involving multiple tests over time and even quarantine requirements for all travelers according to the incubation period determined by epidemiological data. We also need more intensive and widespread testing and tracing to cut off the spread of the variant. This means finally getting the sort of mass testing program that the United States has avoided and which has been part of successful responses to Covid in other countries."

And here:

"Omicron has a particular genetic signal that shows up in PCR testing, making it easier to track with our regular testing infrastructure and easier to include tracking this variant as part of a mass testing effort."

And here:

"However, they were ready with a huge testing system, including free drive-through tests, and aggressive tracing. By the end of March, they had gotten the initial outbreak under control."

And finally here:

"advanced medical surveillance that found the Omicron variant was to track cases of AIDS, which continues to be a crisis there."

The rest of the NYT Op-Ed looks like it was written by Trotsky and students from the 1930's Frankfurt School as it assaults common sense while demonizing humanity and embracing Satanic tyranny. Prepare yourself before visiting the link here.

Physical and digital track and trace is the next set of power tools that the oligarchs will be employing so get ready for a new more invasive surge from the fifth columnists, including door-to-door Omicron 'welfare checks.'

The Talmud Flu: everybody's catching it.

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