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Covid Cult Rigging Elections to Ensure the Winner is Always Vaccine Passports

FBN Newswire
08 SEP 2021

TORONTO - (FBN) When snap elections were called, many Canadians thought they were getting an unexpected gift - a chance to make their voices heard in opposition to the tyranny of masks, house arrests, church closures and vaccine passports. A chance to be freed from Covid tyranny.

Instead, Canadians discovered both candidates want to impose injections and slave papers on them; a cruel version of the game 'heads I win, tails you lose.'

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole, promised a federal proof-of-vaccine system if his party gets elected. Trudeau, the other 'choice,' has purchased millions of vials for injections that he promises will span years and has earmarked a billion dollars to be spent on vaccine passport surveillance systems.

"You can have your eggs any way you like them as long as they're scrambled."

America isn't much different as their last presidential election saw two candidates that were both eager to inject the population with an experimental RNA gene-mutator, say political experts. As the one-percent showcase their stranglehold on the economy and political process it becomes apparent that voting within the framework of the current system is pointless.

Many church leaders are urging parishioners to remain unvaxxed and move out of the cities with the goal of creating liberated parallel societies.