In Moment of Unfiltered Honesty, FDA Employee Wallows in Hate of Unvaxxed Christians 

FBN Analysis
September 24th, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC (FBN) - It's not often we see demonic possession captured on film but in a video released by Project Veritas, we appear to have a confirmed sighting.

In the video released Wednesday, an FDA employee with a pronounced lisp named Taylor Lee is seen engaged in a conversation in which he mocks the beliefs of Christians, expresses his desire to "stab them" with a syringe filled with 'vaccine,' make them wear "Jewish stars" and in a final giggle-filled pronouncement says anyone who resists should be "blow-darted."

Although it's easy to simply dismiss Lee, an economist for the agency, as someone in need of psychological counseling and an exorcism, we should be greatly concerned that he represents the thinking of most government officials as demonstrated by their zeal to enact Bolshevik-style vaxx mandates, masks and testing.

Some people are surprised when they get an unvarnished look at the materialistic, self-worshipping atheists (one is reminded of the personal assistant named 'Bob' in the 90's movie, Demolition Man) in charge of public policy but they shouldn't be - the subversion and takeover of our Christian nation happened years ago.

Full story and video here.

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