Southern Baptists Order Missionaries to Submit to Satan's Shot

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12 SEP 2021

RICHMOND, VA - (FBN) 4,000 missionaries and hundreds of staff workers have been ordered to be injected with the experimental Covid RNA shot by the International Mission Board, an international outreach arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The shots, all of which use the fetal cell line of murdered babies in testing and development, will now be required for everyone involved in the IMB with no option of religious exemption. The IMB policy, which is effective immediately, requires not only the missionaries themselves but also their children ages 16 and older to be injected with Satan's Shot.

Senior IMB leaders acknowledge that "the policy may result in some field personnel and staff members choosing not to join the IMB; to take a leave of absence; or to discontinue their employment with the IMB because of the requirement." 

Some health experts are concerned that people who are injected will become shedders of mutant strains of whatever is in the experimental gene-mutating drug cocktails, with the IMB missionaries infecting innocent people around the world.

Ironically, the order comes as SBC leadership has publicly expressed concern over vaccine mandates ordered by the federal government. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, reacted to Biden's vaccine order: “We encourage vaccination but oppose mandated vaccination."

It is hypocrisy not lost on Bishop Andrew Theophilus of the Marcionite Christian Church, founded in 144 A.D. "It would be laughable - I would call it dark humor - in a different context, if real lives and souls weren't at stake and hanging in the balance," says Theophilus. "But it's not just SBC, it's virtually all of the major western Christian churches, including the Vatican, that have rolled over in submission to, have genuflected to what is clearly a Satanic agenda."

Bishop Theophilus, who signed an edict (Subitis Medicinae Edicto) banning parishioners of the church from receiving Satan's Shot in July of last year, says that 'some good' has come from Covid. "It has allowed the flock to see the wolves dressed in shepherd's clothing for what they are. And any church that participates in the Satanic Covid agenda and fails to condemn it has ceased to be a Christian church. They now are simply a physical structure like any other found in a suburban strip mall," continued Theophilus. "We are in a time of final judgment and there is no reset button. We should all pray for these missionaries who, driven by the highest Christian ideals, are being given the greatest test of their young lives."

The church, which is based on the canon and doctrine of the first Christian bible of 144 A.D., is urging all Christians to move out of the cities and remove their children from public schools.

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