Covid, State-Sponsored Terrorism and Weaponized Mass Hysteria

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13 SEP 2021

TEL AVIV - (FBN) Throughout history there have been cases of mass hysteria, collective delusion and mass psychogenic illness affecting thousands of people across many cities and countries, some with simple explanations and others that remain unsolved to this day.

Some that you may be familiar with include the Salem Witch Trials, Dancing Mania of the Middle Ages and the Orson Wells War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 that convinced the nation we were under attack from Martians. Some of these events last longer than others and in the case of the Seattle Windshield Hysteria in 1954, even the President of the United States was called on to "find a solution to the crisis."

Some funny, some serious but all eventually 'went away' after people lost interest or after a logical explanation was put forth by scientists and government authorities.

But what happens when those same scientists and government authorities, instead of working to solve the problem, are working to create one? Given a virtually unlimited budget and full control of the worldwide media could they engineer and market a collective delusion created as part of achieving a larger goal?

With up to 0.5% of the world's population already predisposed to a psychological condition called 'conversion disorder,' it was a lot easier than you think. Symptoms of conversion disorder can include a variety of neurological symptoms including sudden blindness, paralysis, loss of the voice, trouble coordinating movements (ataxia), loss of the sense of smell (anosmia), loss of sense of touch, or tingling in the extremities. According to the National Institutes of Health, some people with conversion disorder may experience seizures or hallucinations.

There is no underlying physical malady creating the symptoms but that doesn't make it any less real to the person suffering the delusion. There are potentially 40,000,000 people worldwide experiencing this condition right now - and if you feed them the same endless propaganda they'll not only believe it - they'll act as missionaries convincing others that 'what's happening is real.'

Some experts posit that this model has been used to weaponize Covid propaganda and create a successful psychological layer that can be used to introduce the 'necessity of vaccines' to counteract what is, at its core, simply a rebranding of the flu.

Make no mistake - there is a Satanic agenda behind the Covid Reset and fake plague - but some of the tools being used to bring it to fruition are easily explained and rather pedestrian. Look no further than a 1973 episode of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in which Uri Geller, an Israeli 'psychic' and magician, was exposed to get an idea of the actors and tools behind the Covid scam.

Incidentally, the Seattle Windshield Hysteria came to an end when authorities announced the conclusion of their investigation: "95% delusion. 5% hooliganism."

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