Dominican Republic slams door on tourists: No entry without vaxx passport

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November 2nd, 2021

Santo Domingo (FBN) - Just days after instituting draconian measures that require all Dominicans, including pregnant women, to submit to Satan's Shot and show proof of the mark with a government-approved card, the regime has widened their crackdown to include tourists.

Under the current law, which went into effect October 18th, the card, which is linked to a centralized database, must be shown to buy food, mingle, visit the bank or conduct business - even churches are off-limits to those who have not submitted to Satan's Shot. And as an international boycott of the country's tourism industry is underway now comes news from the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, that tourists entering the country will have to present their vaccination card when entering the Dominican Republic.

Rivera says that the inspectors of the Ministry of Public Health will be "vigilant in the commercial centers and businesses of the Dominican Republic" so that the aforementioned resolution is complied with. Masks and anti-social distancing orders remain in effect even after the year-long 'emergency health order' was lifted - in effect normalizing life under a police state.

The Dominican Republic is 90% Christian and religious leaders say the country is under attack by foreign powers using the abortion-tainted RNA injections to undermine the faithful. The new crackdowns began within 24-hours of a visit to the capitol by Susan Power, head of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on October 10th.

The country-wide order to submit to Satan's Shot allows for no exemptions and doctors and nurses working in hospitals and clinics throughout the Dominican Republic are now required to show their bondage card in order to pick up their paycheck. Thousands waited in lines for days waiting to show proof of submission in order to be paid (video here).

Earlier today, a judge ruled in favor of the junta and rejected a lawsuit brought by Christian church leaders seeking an end to the mandatory RNA injections - in effect ignoring the constitution and allowing the carnage to continue. The lawsuit was filed by the pastor and political leader Carlos Peña, in his capacity as the representative of the Servant Generation party.

FBN is working to confirm reports from social media which claim there have been isolated incidents of tourists being prevented from leaving the island due to lack of vaccination documents, access to money at banks demanding cards for entrance and general confusion among authorities as to which laws are applicable to tourists.

Authorities are increasingly concerned about civil unrest on the island as the full ramifications of the punishing laws and restrictions is realized. The U.S. State Department is also concerned and upgraded its travel advisory for the Dominican Republic to Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) saying, "the wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of criminality on the broader scale."

Church leaders urge tourists to stay away from the island and not support it economically as Christians are forced to choose between food and Satan's Shot. They also ask others to pray for the tourists who remain on the island are trying to safely exit.

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